Saturday, July 12, 2014


by Charlie's Frontier Fun Town
(Bambane's Crew)

These guys come out of the gates swinging! 'Moloko Vellocet' the monstrous debut release by Charlie's Frontier Fun Town from Grenoble, France, is the essence of simple hard, riff-heavy rock, call it `stoner rock' if you will - whatever genre - this will raise the hairs on the back of your neck in a style only the rock gods in the olden days could. It is brutal from the start and only gets better. If you like hard, aggressive, and abrasive music you will like Charlie's Frontier Fun Town. The band is powered by, Muss on vocals,  VMol on guitar / bass, Doc. Zarrach on guitar / bass, Bob Z. on guitar and Blad on drums. A lot of what is out there in the world off metal is very serious, moody or interested in trying to break a record for the number of notes played in a song. I miss old style heavy metal that encouraged drinking, hanging with your buddies and just making a general nuisance of yourself. 'Moloko Vellocet' will remind the listener that chugging downtuned guitars can still be fun. Songs like "Bastards", "All Pain, No Gain"  and the lead single, "The Devil Is In The Details", are the sound track to every backyard party you wish you had gone to. "Blast" harkens back to a time when it was okay for a guy to be a guy, a girl to be a girl, and buying copious amounts of liquor wasn't a one way ticket to an episode of 'Law and Order SVU'. There are no shortage of memorable riffs and sing along choruses for a crowd to scream back at the band. Charlie's Frontier Fun Town is a  very lethal combination of talents fused together in a most satisfying way. They absolutely tears it up in this incredibly heavy sludgefest! The band is REALLY tight, and is a band for the more serious music fan, who doesn't need a gimmick to lure them in. This band is NOT gimmicky, nor do they need to be. They are a straight forward, in your face, balls to the wall, hard rockin' band. Fans of Kyuss, Earthride, Goatsnake should enjoy this. Great band, Love 'em. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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