Saturday, July 5, 2014


by  Resurrect The Machine
(High Impact Records)

Southern California rockers Resurrect The Machine return with their latest album, 'Uncover The Truth'. Composed of Dean Ortega (Neverland/Tribe Of Gypsies) on vocals,  Andre Makina on guitars, Kurt Barabas on bass and backing vocals and Joey Cotero on percussion and backing vocals.  'Uncover The Truth' succeeds on every level, the music is raw, intense, heavy and hits you like a blast of adrenaline. The best thing about this recording is that it plays as a whole album, something that is extremely rare in today's watered down metal climate. Every track on this album is strong, it is UNRELENTING and AGGRESSIVE. The album immediately bursts forth with the super charged rocker "Rush" which showcases each musical element in the band's musical repertoire. As your senses are stimulated to overload with tracks like "Kaos", "Meet Your Maker", "Cannibal", "Headed For The Sun" to the album closer, "Resurrect The Machine" it is quite clear and obvious that you aren't dealing with a mere hard rock/metal rock band, but a musical force to be reckoned with. Resurrect The Machine move like a leviathan, swiftly between grain and grace, to create gargantuan choruses and monstrous riffs that echo in the transient corners of the mind for hours after the album has ended. The musicianship is tight through and through, and the arrangements are mind blowing. Dean Ortega' s powerful voice definitely stand out. His dynamic range can only be described as awe-inspiring.  Resurrect The Machine has everything going for it, a great vocalist, strong songs, great music that never lets up, and even when it does, it doesn't let you go at all. Their music is extremely assaulting. This glorious assault gives the feeling of being "NAILED TO THE WALL".  'Uncover The Truth' is one of those few albums that demands your undivided attention by screaming "drop everything!" It is an album you will analyze and jam to for weeks before your ready to give your ears a break. Kudos to the band for focusing their immense creative energy into releasing such an exciting and explosive recording! Resurrect The Machine is a masterful, unusual, and forceful opus. Don't miss out on a brilliant album! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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