Wednesday, July 9, 2014


LIVIN' IN THE PAST by Scream Maker
(Perris Records)

Hailing from Warsaw, Poland Heavy Metal band Scream Maker unleash their debut album, 'Livin' In The Past'. Roslaw Szaybo the artist responsible for designing covers for Judas Priest, Elton John, Santana and Bob Marley, designed the band's cool cover art.  Scream Maker is comprised of Sebastian Stodolak (vocals), Ajronmajk (guitar), Marek Stanisz (guitar), Adam "Radzi" Radziowski (bass) and Tomasz Nachya (drums). Having shared the stage with the likes of, Turbo, Wolf Spider, Proletaryat, Luxtorpeda and many more. Having made their presence felt in Europe, the band have their sights on making their presence felt in the rest of the world.  'Livin' In The Past' starts off with a little intro to set the atmosphere, and then suddenly a huge riff comes in for the song "In The Nest Of Serpents", one of the many highlights on the album. Followed by the similar "Glory For The Fools". Both songs feature excellent guitar work and vocals. The catchy title track changes the pace up a little bit before heading into the melodic metal gem, "Fever". Other highlights include: "All My Life", "Spacestone", "Stand Together", "Never Say Never" and "Metalheads". 'Livin' In The Past' has a great 'wall of guitars' sound to it. It the type of metal album makes you want to bang your head.  This music is what it is; potent well-crafted traditional heavy metal. It is not revolutionary, it is not ground breaking, it’s just an excellent example of this genre played at a very high level. If you love the basic DNA of heavy metal, ie. Huge guitars, powerful vocals, and good catchy over the top songs, then you should love Scream Maker. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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