Saturday, June 27, 2015

CD REVIEW: ARMY OF THREE by Virgil & Accelerators

ARMY OF THREE by Virgil & Accelerators
(Mystic Records)

UK Blues rock trio, Virgil & Accelerators return with their highly anticipated sophomore release, 'Army Of Three', produced by the legendary Chris Tsangarides. The trio are comprised of, Virgil McMahon - Guitar/Vocals : Jack Timmis - Bass/Vocals and Gabriel McMahon Drums. 'Army Of Three'  has a harder rock edge than their debut outing, 'Radium'. One of this album strengths is that, as well as being a balls to wall rocker of an album, is variety and the solid song writing. The trio put that on display holding nothing back as they kick things off with the rocking, "Take Me Higher" and follow it up with, "Blow To The Head". From there on it is an adrenaline rush of supercharged blues rock with tracks like, "All Night Long", the riff driven, "Give It Up" and "It Burns". Saving the best for last the trio serve up the seven minute plus juggernaut, "Free", highlighted by McMahon' s hot licks towards the latter half of the track. All ten tracks served up are rock solid. The best way to listening to this album is turning up the volume to the max, sitting back and holding on tight! I can confidently recommend to fans of heavier blues-rock, and also to retirees looking for an excuse to re-connect with some decent heavy rock music. If you like your blues rock that is meaty, loud, chock-full of swagger and attitude, 'Army Of Three' by Virgil & Accelerators is guaranteed give you that and more! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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