Sunday, June 7, 2015


by Sons Of Texas
(Razor & Tie Records)

Formed two years ago, Sons of Texas come roaring onto the scene with their debut release, 'Baptized In The Rio Grande''. The band is powered by Mark Morales, vocals, Mike Villarreal, drums, Nick Villarreal, bass, Jon Olivarez, rhythm guitar and Jes De Hoyos, lead guitar. The Sons Of Texas serve up a ball buster of a debut release. They have a unique sound - it's not easy to compare them to any particular band out there. Edgy guitar tone, wide-ranging, well-done vocals and a very solid bottom end all in service to excellent writing and catchy, hook-laden riffs and lead guitar. Groove oriented hard rock that borders on metal is the best description. One thing is for certain, this album is guaranteed to make you pump your fist and reach for a bottle of Jack Daniels. Each one of the 11 songs seriously kick out the jams in particular, "Pull It" and Fire", "The Vestryman", "Blameshift" and "Baptized In The Rio Grande". Even the two laid back rockers, "Breathing Through My Wounds" and "September" deliver the goods. The riffs are tight and and  the vocals are on point. Mark Morales has that Phil Anselmo vibe mixed with pinch of Lajon Witherspoon from Sevendust. The mixing and recording is top notch. Sons Of Texas take nasty, snarling southern riffs and blends them with hardcore energy and urgency, and what comes out of the oven is guaranteed to get every head banging within earshot. There's groove a-plenty, with a little melody and emotion here and there but this isn't soul-baring metalcore. You'll hear numerous influences, from Metallica to Pantera, but Sons Of Texas are no copy cats. They takes the macho swagger from early 90's thrash and flings in into a 21st century mosh pit. If you don't move to this one, you need to check your pulse. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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