Thursday, June 11, 2015


BIGFOOT (Ep) by Bigfoot
(Independent Release)

Bigfoot are a 5 piece hard rock band based in Wigan, Northwest, England. The band consists of Vocalist Antony Ellis, dual lead guitarists Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh, Bassist Matt Avery and Drummer Tom Aspinall.  For the most part Bigfoot stays at a mid pace with a ton of groove to keep you hooked. Full of swagger, attitude as well as melody and musicianship. Raw, melodic, awesome headbanging guitar riffs, solid rhythm section and powerful vocals.  "The Other Side Of Paradise" is probably the best track on the band's 4 song EP, Bigfoot rocks out with solid vocals. Every track has a similar sound to it, but when you hear each one, there are still definite distinctions. "Tie Me Down" and "Bitch Killer" are intense, and they makes you want to locate your nearest mosh pit and go crazy. "Come Down My Way" tones it down just a little bit, but barely. I for one am looking forward to the band's full length release, but until then this rocking EP should suffice my cravings. All in all, this is just really balls to the wall straight-forward, good-time rock and roll that has a classic rock feel, with a slightly updated edge. I hope that these guys not only stay around for a really long time, giving us more great music, but also that they are an influence on the music industry in general so that we see more great bands like them in the future. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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