Monday, June 8, 2015


(Metalville Records)

Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, Archer is a young trio determined to deliver genuine and unrelenting hard rock and heavy Metal music to fans everywhere. Archer is comprised of Dylan Rose (guitarist/lead vocals), David DeSilva (bass/vocals), and Keyhan Moini (drums). The trio's debut release, 'Culling The Weak', is a slab of hard and heavy rock that will put your speakers to the test. Archer may be trio, but what power these lads bring, enough to make them sound like a full on 5 or 6 piece rock band. No fat to trim here, lean and very mean. Dylan Rose is an undisputed star and searing guitarist with every weapon in his arsenal and  suits the music perfectly. However, Archer are the sum of their parts and Keyhan Moini on pounding drums and David DeSilva on booming bass make a fine contribution throughout slamming down furious rhythms and grooves. If pedal to the metal hard rock is your bag you will delight in the power and velocity of cuts like the ripping opener "Belief" and the bombastic drive of rockers like " Hurl The Cross", "Culling The Weak", "King For A Day".For me the standout rocker is the album closing, "My Atocity". Praise too for legendary Producer Mike Clink (Guns N' Roses, UFO, Megadeth) for bringing it all together and letting the band fully express themselves. Archer have successfully delivered a hard-rocking stalwart that provides a plethora of riffage, soaring vocals, and a pounding rhythm section and with 'Culling The Weak' they have just delivered one of the finest hard rock albums of the year. If you wanna bang your head to some well crafted rock songs, this is the album for you.- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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  1. Saw Archer live in Feb.- they opened for HELLYEAH. No disrespect to other band, but they guys stole the show! Their new CD is just as impressive. No doubt, Archer is going to go BIG...