Tuesday, June 9, 2015


(Earache Records)

Just when you thought rock didn't matter at all ... Hail Atlanta rock 'n' rollers, Biters, the outrageous rock and roll band that makes you want to throw bricks through the police station windows and pound a hole in the dashboard. The band's debut full length release, 'Electric Blood' is loaded with rockers that are thick with hooks and searing guitars, locomotive bass and staggering drums. It sounds like a combination of Cheap Trick anthems, Ziggy Stardust scuz,  T.Rex groove, and Guns n Roses' swagger. Thank god, the sum total of these influences somehow doesn't lend Biters a tired post-modern, ironic, borrowed sound at all -- rather, this is earnest, honest, and forthright rock and roll from a band that seems to mean every note it plays and every word it sings. Once you press play and start blasting "Restless Hearts", "1975", "Heart Fulla Rock N' Roll", the title track, "Low Lives In High Definition" and "Space Age Wasteland" you are going to be grinning ear to ear and singing along by the second verse. All the songs are winners! The energy and fun these guys have on this recording just bleeds right out of the speakers. This album is a 100%, no auto tune rock and roll album that packs one hell of a punch! Whether you're a fan of the classic artists that inspired the band's sound or just looking for some honest fun in your rock n' roll (something sadly lacking in most of today's mainstream rock acts), 'Electric Blood' by the Biters is an absolute must! Turn it on, turn it up, and let the rock and roll party begin! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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