Thursday, July 2, 2015


NO RULES, NO LAWS, NO REGRETS by Gasoline Outlaws
(Independent Release)

Irish rockers, Gasoline Outlaws burst out onto the scene with their gut busting debut release, 'No Rules, No Laws, No Regrets'.  Formed last year in Belfast, Northern Ireland, these steely-eyed purveyors of balls-out rock are on a mission to put a smile back on your face and few thousand rockers and rollers around the world. The band is comprised of, Matt Fitzsimons on vocals, Adam Parkin on guitar, Chris Fitzsimons on bass and Adam Callaghan on drums. ' This album is guitar driven rocker of an recording that will definitely put your finest speakers to the test. From a powerful opening rocker, "Nothing On Me", you know what to expect from this album and that is what you get, hard rockin music that kicks you in the teeth and it does that very well. The entire album is brimming with energy and attitude. The guitars on each track are powerful and keep the music pushing you to the edge. Other highlights include; "Lie", "The Shrouded Wolves", ball to wall movers, "Outlaw", "Ready To Fly" and "Heart & Soul". The Gasoline Outlaws may be of the classic rock cloth, but its their unapologetic affection for balls out rock makes it infectious. These lads are bringing back dirty, hard hitting rock. You can hear the words. ATTITUDE and ROCK N ROLL FURY! Nothing fancy about it. The Gasoline Outlaws mean business and they are willing to do anything to make sure you get your rocks off. If you like hard rock and are disappointed at a lot of what is out there today, this album will be a delightful return to the quality you expect to hear. I can't wait to hear what these guys come up with next!! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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