Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Dedicated Rocker Society Top 40 Playlist

The Dedicated Rocker Society Top 40 
Week ending 7/17/2015

40. Lick It Up by Kiss
39. Fade by Godsized
38. Life In The Fast Lane by The Eagles
37. Do You Ever Think Of Me by Heaven & Earth
36. Why Can't You Love Me by Twenty Two Hundred
35. The Sky Is The Limit by Evidence One
34. Dirty Little Secret by Mother Road
33. Back On My Trail by Revolution Child
32. Back In Black by AC/DC
31. Roller by April Wine
30. Doctor Doctor by UFO
29. Now I'm Here by Queen
28. No Love To Waste by Simple Lies
27. I Swear On My Life by Palace Of The King
26. The Grand Illusion by Styx
25. The Prisoner by King James
24. Well All Bleed Red by Tribe Of Gypsies
23. Watchtower Of The Moon by Threshold
22. Peace Of Mind by Boston
21. Let's Be Friends by Leogun
20. Let Me Hear You Scream by Ozzy Osbourne
19. Jelly Roll by Blue Murder
18. Ain't Talkin' Bout Love by Van Halen
17. Open Fire by The Darkness
16. Keep On Drivin' by Captain Black Beard
15. California by Beasto Blanco
14. Goldilox by King's X
13. Outshined by Soundgarden
12. Wild Animal by Rival Sons
11. Holy Motherfucker by Transport League
10. Hellraiser by Motohead
9.  Strange Kinda Nothing by The Answer
8.  Ridin' The Storm Out by Reo Speedwagon
7.  Wolf In My Heart by Audrey Horne
6.  Long Live Rock And Roll by Rainbow
5.  I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home by Grand Funk Railroad
4.  Vertigo by Shakra
3.  Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith
2.  Death By Misadventure by Ted Nugent
1.  Turn Up The Music by Sammy Hagar

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