Friday, July 31, 2015

CD REVIEW: THE RADIUM by Virgil & The Accelerators

THE RADIUM by Virgil &The Accelerators
(Mystic Records)

'The Radium', the powerfully impressive debut release by the power blues rock trio from Birmingham, England, Virgil & The Accelerators is a powder keg of some of the hottest blues rock ever captured on record.  Bands or artists labled  Blues Rock can sometimes be nothing more than a few blues licks incorporated into hard rock or a blues act turning their amps up to 11. This trio however can rightly be called a Blues Rock outfit. Virgil McMahon - Guitar, Vocals, brother Gabriel McMahon - Drums, Vocals and Jack Alexander Timmis - Lakland Bass, Vocals. The chemistry between this trio is as tight as white on rice and they delivery the goods big time!  Virgil McMahon's guitar sound sounds like the audio equivalent of Jack Daniels: warming, sometimes firey and if it's possible for a sound to appear golden then this guitar sound does. Every track on this album will make you feel alive. The album opens with "Working Man", that starts off slow and builds up and finishes in a blaze of glory. Clocking in at a little over six minutes, this song just floored me and it was just the first track! As soon as "Refuse To Believe" came on, I knew I was in for one hell of a listen there on out. One song after another, "Backstabber", "88", "The Storm", "Lowdown and Dirty", to the closing "Silver Giver",  my senses were entertained and blown away with some good blues rock numbers that will have me hitting the replay button, time and time again! If you like your blues rock beefy, loud, chock-full of energy, attitude and with a little change of pace here and there, 'The Radium' by Virgil & The Accelerators comes highly recommended. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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