Friday, July 10, 2015


SHADOW TRAIN by George Lynch
(Rat Pak Records)

'Shadow Train', the highly anticipated and eagerly awaited new project from George Lynch finally sees the light of day. This double CD set also features songs in George's forthcoming movie  'Shadow Nation' , the powerful documentary that explores the trials and tribulations that face Native American Indians in our world today. Backing George up are vocalist Gregg Analla ( Seventh Sign/Tribe Of Gypsies), bassist Gabe Rosales (Jennifer Lopez/Christina Millian), keyboardist Donnie Dickman and drummer Jimmy D'Anda (Bullet Boys/Lynch Mob). 'Shadow Train' is a diverse album that has it all, from powerful vocal songs to meaningful rock, blues & hard rock based music. Disc 1 opens with the groove laden, "Vulture", a psychedelic trip for the senses powered by Gregg Annalla's hypnotic vocal delivery. The potent vocals of Annalla and the superb guitar work of George Lynch form a killer combination on this track. The next two tracks "Currency Of Lies" and "Power And Resistance",  are heavy and energetic and go for the throat. From there on the band take the record into new territory and give it a bit more gritty aggression with, "I Am Weapon", "Ghost", "White Clay" and "Fight No More". The resulting blend demonstrates a uniqueness and chemistry that just plain works. The songs on disc 2 are just as strong with tracks like, "Believe", "Fallen", "Glitter", "Under A Crooked Sky" and "World On Fire". George Lynch's melodic intensity is in no finer form, the ultimate blend of groove and aggressiveness. 'Shadow Train' is unique, fresh, and powerful. It's a great collection of well written and performed songs here but it's the overall vibe that really does it for me. There are so many moments of absolute magic on this recording. The more I listen to this powerful set the more I appreciate it. This album is definitely not only for die-hard riff-junkies and thrill seekers; it's accessible and will be enjoyed by a plethora of people. Definitely George Lynch's best work to date.  - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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