Tuesday, April 12, 2016

CD REVIEW: Best Believe It EP (Recorded live in the Bunker) by The Black Marbles

Best Believe It EP (Recorded live in the Bunker) by The Black Marbles 
(Ofelia Productions)

Swedish rockers The Black Marbles are back with their latest offering the four song Ep, 'Best Believe It' (Recorded live in the Bunker). The band's current line up is comprised of, the powerful and electrifying Marica Svensson on vocals, Rickard Lindberg on guitars,  Krister Selander on bass and Tobbe Bövik formerly of The Awesome Machine on drums. He also produced the band's debut release', Made In Concrete'. What the band has served up here is a recording soaked in a nostalgic sound that evokes comparisons to the Led Zeppelin and Humble Pie. From the opening riff of, "Best Believe It" to the other three tracks, "Little Sun", "Fallen" and "All Out Of Money", you are placed on familiar but fresh musical ground.  A power quartet with a bold infused sound with the deep guitar licks from Rickard Lindberg. The powerful rhythm section of bassist Krister Selander and Tobbe Bövik and the uninhibited energy and soulful crooning of Marica Svensson. The Black Marbleshave a swagger, a bravado. This is a band that merges two highly valuable commodities: riff driven blues based rock and seriously spellbinding musicality. Fresh, bold, brash and sexy.  The Black Marbles songs brings all this and more. 'Best Believe It', is a must for any true rock music fan.  If you have never heard of The Black Marbles, do yourself a favor and check this band out. I assure you, you will get ROCKED, best believe that! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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