Thursday, April 28, 2016


(Attitude Recording)

Swedish blues hard rockers, Dust are back with their highly anticipated sophomore release, 'Soulburst'. Comprised of, Roger Solander on lead vocals, Johan Niskanen on guitars and vocals, Bernt Ek on bass and vocals and Örjan Dr Rock Englin on drums. These gents serve up 70's classic rock influenced, hard rock with some crunchy guitar chords and power rhythms.  All the songs are well written and the playing is inspiring and some of the tightest rock music I've heard. Roger Solander delivers one hell of a job in the vocal department. You can hear almost a sort of soul searching on such cuts as "Soul Stealer" and "Waiting For You". Johan Niskanen's guitar is powerful and has loads of swagger and attitude. Bernt Ek is one helluva bass player and I really like Örjan Dr Rock Englin's drumming here, the guy has really great timing and he thumps! There is not a weak cut here, standouts include, "Sun Rising", "King Is Coming", "Come On!" "Bad Boy", "Keltic Wheel" (re-recorded tracks taken from the band's debut, 'Tequila Shivers') and "Blind". The bottom line is, 'Soulburst' does not disappoint!  It dishes out incredible blues based hard rock that is in your face and melts your brain! A great listen from beginning to end! Loaded with powerful guitar riffs and incredible vocals, just the way I like it. If you enjoy blues based hard rock in any capacity, you'll wanna get your hands on, 'Soulburst'. Tight musicianship, powerful vocals. Dust are the total package.  - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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