Monday, April 18, 2016


THE DEFIANTS by The Defiants
(Frontier Records)

Take two parts Danger Danger, Paul Laine (vocals) and Bruno Ravel (bass, guitar, keyboards)add to that veteran guitaristRob Marcello (guitar). What you get is the melodic rock outfit, The Defiants.  Given the players involved, you can pretty much guess what The Defiants sounds like.  It's a very dynamic, very slick melodic rock album with a definite similarity to the later conception of Danger Danger.  As for their debut, it's pure melodic rock gold. Every song has that vintage AOR/arena rock feel, and every aspect from the songwriting to the musicianship to the vocals to the production is absolutely top notch. Paul Laine's vocals are point and Rob Marcello's guitar work is stellar. It's pointless to call out standout songs when they're all this great. Highlights for me would be, "Love And Bullets","When The Lights Go Down", "Waiting On A Heartbreak", "Save Me Tonight" and "That's When I'll Stop Loving You".  The Defiants debut is easy to recommend. If you like melodic rock at all, you NEED this album in your collection. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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