Friday, April 15, 2016


FED TO THE LIONS by Tax The Heat
(Nuclear Blast)

An incredible debut album from the  amazing British rock band, Tax The Heat. Alex Veale – Vocals & Guitar, JP Jacyshyn – Guitar & Backing Vocals, Antonio Angotti – Bass & Backing Vocals and Jack Taylor – Drums & Backing Vocals.  The album mainly consists of full-out rockers, "Highway Home", "Animals", the title track, "Stood On The Platform To Leave" and "Your Fool". The album also is laced with a couple of laid back bluesier songs, "Under Watchful Eye", "Hit Me Hard" and "Caroline". Whether they are rocking out or holding back a bit, the band are equally impressive, and demonstrates their obvious talent as musicians. However, they have more than just skill, their is clearly fantastic chemistry between them. This is blistering blues/rock that needs to be played at high volume!  Courtesy of the strong vocals and guitar riffs from Alex Veale , this talented band's 'full-on' rock tracks explode with energy and excitement that'll have you leaping around the room playing air guitar.JP Jacyshyn's powerful  guitar-work is backed up perfectly by Antonio Angotti's pounding basslines and Jack Taylor's awesome drumming to create something that transcends mere words - so I won't try! If you like any kind of rock music, Tax The Heat serve it up oh so well. This band are destined for great things, so make sure you check them out before they go worldwide!  - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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