Monday, April 4, 2016

CD REVIEW: ECHO, Ep by Damon Johnson

ECHO, Ep by Damon Johnson
(Double Dragon Records)

Unlike his previous two releases, 'Dust' and 'Release', both acoustic recordings. Damon Johnson has decided to plug in his guitar and turn up the Marshalls with the five song Ep, 'Echo'. A recording loaded with great groove laden blues based rockers, good studio production, great vocal performances and off the hook guitar playing with killer tones. Damon Johnson is a talented songsmith and the music shows it. All five tracks, "Dead", "Nobody Usin'","The Waiting Kills Me", "Scars" and "Just Move On". Each track holds its own, and the recording flows together perfectly. Overall, great work from a very talented singer and guitar player. If you liked Damon Johnson's work in Witness and Brother Cane, then you will want your copy of 'Echo'.  You'll be telling your friends all about it by the second listen. It's that good. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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