Wednesday, October 18, 2017

CD REVIEW: ELECTRIFIED by Black Water Rising

ELECTRIFIED by Black Water Rising
(Pavement Entertainment)

Talk about grabbing your attention right off the bat! The highly anticipated new release from Black Water Rising, 'Electrified', goes for the throat once you press play. There is a depth to this album that is just amazing. It's very much it's own animal and stronger than the band's previous outings. Black Water Rising is powered by Rob Traynor-vocals/guitar, Dennis Kimak- guitar, Oddie Mclaughlin-bass and Mike Meselsohn-drums. Here we have a band that brings hard rock music into a new millennium. Incorporating all we know and love about classic hard rock music. The guitar solos, attention to songwriting detail, strong vocals  and time changes, the band bridges the gap in grand style and at full speed ahead. The album fires off with "Obey", a pulsating shot of adrenaline that is guaranteed to have you rocking out in no time flat. From there its a super charged listening experience with, "The Answer", "Millennial Zombies", "Higher", the title track and the album closer, "World Of Frustration". 'Electrified' is just great all around hard rock album. Awesome guitar riffs and excellent music to just bang your head to.. It's a very visceral and testosterone filled recording. In other words, kicks you in the face and doesn't let up until the end!Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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  1. I've had the great fortune of listening to the whole album and I couldn't agree with you any more!!! Spot on!!!