Friday, October 27, 2017


(Inside Out Records)

In Greek mythology, Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto, twin brother of Artemis. He was the god of music. Every Greek God had human offsprings and in the case of Apollo his demigod offspring have formed together to become the Sons Of Apollo. The new intense progressive rock band that features Mike Portnoy (The Winery Dogs, Transatlantic, ex-Dream Theater), Derek Sherinian (Black Country Communion, ex-Dream Theater), Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (ex-Guns N' Roses), Billy Sheehan (The Winery Dogs, Mr. Big) and Jeff Scott Soto (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, ex-Journey).  Together these talented musicians have created one of the most intense progressive rock recording you will experience with their debut outing, 'Psychotic Symphony'. Serving up a brand of progressive rock that is a demonstration of talent that very few artists can achieve. This album encompasses their commitment to music using many different styles that influence their unique sound. The writing, the riffs and the songs are all great The album opens with the epic eleven minute plus opus, "God Of The Sun", right off the bat my senses were bombarded with musical intensity. An intensity that did not let up as the next two tracks "Coming Home" and "Sign Of The Times" blasted out of my speakers. Other highlights include, "Labyrinth", "Alive", "Divine Addiction", a track to me is Deep Purple ('Perfect Stranger' era) on overdrive. For the prog rock freaks out there (like myself), the band closes out the album with "Opus Maximus", that clocks in at a little if ten minutes. I understand that when it comes to Progressive Rock music, it's not for everyone. But to those who get it, this album is truly masterclass. The Sons Of Apollo have truly delivered a work of art here. Everyone is involved on this album to a great degree and the production is exceptional.  My hat goes off to the Sons Of Apollo on this amazing and powerful debut album. Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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