Monday, October 9, 2017

CD REVIEW: HARD TO KILL by Heaven & Earth

HARD TO KILL by Heaven & Earth
(Quarto Valley Records, Inc.)

L.A. based, Heaven & Earth return with their highly anticipated new release, 'Hard To Kill'. The new album features a strong 11 song set that is guaranteed to rock your senses in ways unimaginable as soon as you press play! Heaven & Earth is comprised of, Joe Retta (vocals, guitar, harmonica) Stuart Smith (guitar),Ty Baillie (keyboards), Lynn Sorenson (bass, vocals) and Kenny Aronoff (drums). On balance this is a very good album, musically more dynamic than its predecessor "Dig". The songs are structured incredibly well, playing is absolutely top class. What struck me off the bat was the work done to craft each and every song here. Just listen in detail to the fills, complex licks, the way the band works together.  All songs on here absolutely rock!, Highlighted by my personal favorites, "Hard To Kill", "Walk Away", "Bleed Me Dry", "The Game Has Changed" , "Anthem" and "L.A. Blues". The sound is superb, the musicianship is tight and the album simply rocks. If you like classic rock, get your hands on this album. Stuart Smith's masterfully executed guitar techniques and Joe Retta's amazing vocal barrage definitely make this album a must have. Great songs, great playing. 'Hard To Hill', in my opinion, is Heaven & Earth's best album to date. A powerful rock album that shows a band firing on all cylinders.
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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