Wednesday, October 11, 2017


RETRIBUTION by Jeff Scott Soto
(Frontiers Records)

The highly anticipated new release from one of rock music's most versatile vocalist, Jeff Scott Soto, comes to us in the form of, 'Retribution', a premium blend of hard rock music laced with, groove laden huge guitars, hooks and solid  production. Courtesy of Jeff Scott Soto's powerful and passionate vocals and tight as hell musicianship! Provided by guitarist extraordinaire Howie Simon whose amazing guitar and bass playing shines all over this album (except on “Reign Again” and “Song For Joey”). August Zadra and Stephen Sturm on guitars on “Reign Again”, Carlos Costa bass on “Reign Again” and Paul Mendonca guitar, keyboards and bass on “Song For Joey” and Edu Cominato on drums. The new album combines everything that I loved from Jeff's previous solo albums along with the harder, more modern edge, of his last two SOTO releases, 'Vertigo' and 'Divak'. The super charged title track kicks off the album in rocking fashion continuing on with the next two energizing tracks , "Inside/Outside" and "Rage Of The Year". Other highlights include, "Reign Again", "Last Time", "Bullet For My Baby","Song For Joey" and the instant adrenaline rush that is, "Breakout". Quality songs, quality musicianship and excellent production. 'Retribution' is one of those albums that you will enjoy from the first listen. For JSS fans like me, its a must have and a definite contender for one the best rock albums released this year.  Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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