Monday, October 23, 2017


SING IT LOUD by Romeo Riot
(Kivel Records)

'Sing It Loud' the debut release from America's newest "Super Group", Romeo Riot is a premium blend of melodic rock. Even the lyrics, so often the downfall of melodic rock albums, begs repeated listens. Romeo Riot is comprised of Mark Giovi on lead vocals (Former Vocalist of Farcry - High Gear and Optimism albums), Erik Johnson on guitars and vocals (Bombay Black), Scott Miller on guitars (Tango Down), Ty Sims on bass (Bombay Black) and Jace Pawlak on keyboards and vocals. Stand out tracks? Almost impossible to pick given the high standard of songwriting, performing and production but, "Room To Run", "Streets Of Babylon", the title track, "Twist Of Fate" and the album closer " Best Night Of Our Lives" would be my choices if pushed.  I will say this, the songs on this album are some the best melodic rock songs I've heard this year. Instant sing along songs that you'd call your friends and put your phone to the speakers and "Check these guys out!" The bottom line is if you're a fan of melodic rock, 'Sing It Loud' by Romeo Riot will take you back to a genre of music often overlooked in this day and age. It is filled with songs that have great hooks, rocking guitars, and big, well sung choruses. You will find yourself singing along right from the first listen. Truly a melodic rock masterclass that must be experienced.Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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