Friday, October 9, 2015


2.0 by 21OCTAYNE
(AFM Records)

German based rockers 21OCTAYNE are back with their sophomore release, '2.0',  proving that the magic they created on their debut, 'Into The Open', was no fluke. No sophomore slump thats for sure. The new album has everything that rock fans want: catchy choruses, giant melody, and butt-kicking guitar riffs. The band is comprised of, Hagen Grohe on vocals, Marco Wriedt on Guitar and Alex Landenburg on Drums. This trio finds the best of both worlds by blending hard rock and AOR. The band has that ‘80s feel, but they methodically weave a modern sound that never makes you think you’re hearing anything post-grunge era. Hagen Grohe turns in a rock solid vocal performance. Marco Wriedt is killer on guitars, serving up some blistering solos. Alex Landenburg drumming provides the band with it's solid foundation. Well, the proof is in the songs, and you can pretty much pick any of the songs on this album at random and find an absolutely killer single-worthy melodic hard rocker. After my initial listen to the album I am really digging all the tracks especially "Devil In Disguise", "Take Me Back ", " When You Go" , " Take Me Away , and the epic, "Tale Of A Broken Child ". I'm sure this one is going to get some serious replay time for me for months to come. '2.0' is a high quality melodic rock album that is recommended to all fans of this style of music. Does 21OCTAYNE try to reinvent the wheel here? Absolutely not. But there is something to be said for excellent production, tight performances, great songwriting and vocals. If you like music that favors musicianship and songwriting over pretty face, no-talent singers, take a run at 21OCTAYNE! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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