Friday, October 2, 2015

CD REVIEW: HOT STREAK by The Winery Dogs

HOT STREAK by The Winery Dogs
(Loud & Proud Records)

The Winery Dogs are back with their highly anticipated new release, 'Hot Streak'. This is the trio's sophomore release and there is certainly no slump here. In fact this one builds on the strengths of the band's first album. The songwriting is as crisp and tight as the musicianship of each and every member of this band. The new album shows that the trio's initial burst of collective chemistry they showed on their debut was no fluke. From the adrenaline rush that the trio exhibited on the first two tracks, "Oblivion" and "Captain Love", that power through to the uplifting vibe of "The Bridge" to the introspective acoustic charm of "Fire". The band pulls off every song without a hitch.  All musicians excel on this album and have grown into an extremely tight unit. Mike Portnoy is brilliant on the drums as usual. Richie Kotzen is a musical genius. Just stellar vocals and  guitar playing throughout. As for Billy Sheehan, his bass playing is simply mind blowing. 'Hot Streak' is a very strong well executed, produced and structured album that tops the debut in almost every area.  There's nothing trendy, hipsterish, or pretentious on here, just three insanely talented virtuosos that love making mind blowing music. They have so much fun making great music that you can't help have a good time too. The Winery Dogs are definitely on a hot streak and more power to them. Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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