Friday, October 2, 2015


ON TO SOMETHING, EP by The White Dominos
(Independent Release)

'On To Something', the five song Ep from Denmark's, The White Dominos, is a sign of greater things to come. These  rebellious rockers have a swagger and  a bravado about them. They merge two highly valuable commodities: riff driven based rock and seriously impressive musicality. The band is comprised of, Jonas Sharpe, Lead Vox & Guitar, Daniel Potts, Guitar & Backing Vox, Magnus Gaardbo on Bass & Backing Vox and Mads Back Hansen on drums. Think of a swirling stew of influences blended together to concoct something palatable, aromatic, and biting. Everything combined creates something completely different. You have your 60's influences like late period Beatles; 70's rockers like The Who, The Rolling Stones. But this band makes it their own and they have a distinct sound without replicating or mimicking other bands. As is evident on tracks like, "Like A Ghost", "Riding On A Storm" and "Only Light". Its really great to hear new bands like The White Dominos writing material as good as this.  And like most stews, although you know the recipe ahead of time, once it hits your tongue, the intoxicating sensation is more powerful than the sum of it parts. You might know the ingredients, but oh, it tastes so good. The White Dominos definitely have a bright future ahead of them. A band definitely on to something very special. Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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