Tuesday, October 27, 2015


by Honeymoon Disease
(Napalm Records)

Swedish based retro rockers, Honeymoon Disease deliver the rock and roll goods with their debut release, 'The Transcendence'.  The band is comprised of, Jenna Disease - Vocals & Guitar, Acid Disease - Guitar, Anders Bergstedt on bass (note: Nicklas Hellqvist has replaced Anders Bergstedt and will be touring with the band in November) B. Disease - Drums. One of the most noticeable things about this recording is the live-in-the-studio sound. Giving a spontaneous feel to the album. In a word, this album is infectious. Honeymoon Disease have a unique groove-centered sound that's difficult to categorize but impossible to get out of your head. If I were to compare them, 
I would say they are comparable to classic rock bands like DEEP PURPLE, THIN LIZZY or RAINBOW. You can pretty much pick any of the songs on this album at random and find an absolutely killer single-worthy rocker. “Higher”, “Stargazer”, “Imperial Mind”, “Gotta Move”, “Break Up”, “Bellevue Groove” and "Brand New Ending” are particularly convincing. Too many rock bands nowadays approach songwriting as a matter of cutting-and-pasting riffs together in Pro Tools; Honeymoon Disease's music feels organic, as if the songs were honed from some epic jam session. The end result is a damn good album with plenty of style and attitude. Fans of old school hard rock will really like this album.... a lot. More of this, please! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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