Monday, October 12, 2015

CD REVIEW: HUSTLER'S ROW by Gentlemans Pistols

HUSTLER'S ROW by Gentlemans Pistols
(Nuclear Blast)

UK rockers, Gentlemans Pistols return with their latest release, 'Hustler's Row'. In a word, this album is infectious. these lads have a unique groove-centered sound that's difficult to categorize but impossible to get out of your head. The new album is fully loaded with that classic British rock sound.  Deep Purple, Sir Lord Baltimore and Thin Lizzy influences, but beyond the recognizable style of the aforementioned rock royalty Gentlemans Pistols bring their own swagger. to the table. The album opens with the lead off single, "The Searcher" a balls out rocker that has AC/DC vibe to it. James Atkinson's vocals are spot on and the chemistry he has with Bill Steer (Firebird/Carcass) is like white on rice. The band serve up the bluesy rocker next with. "Devil’s Advocate On Call", a Free meets Bad Company rocker that will definitely get your adrenaline pumping. From there on its not stop rocking with tracks, "Time Wasters", "Private Rendezvous", "Stress And Confusion" and "Dazzle Drizzler". Gentlemans Pistols serves up a lean, filler-free album with 'Hustler's Row'. This album is confirmation of their prowess and a signal that there's more to them than analog worship and thick grooves. If you think that traditional 60's/70's rock has blown its wad then you haven't heard Gentlemans Pistols. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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