Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Dedicated Rocker Society Top 40 Week ending 10/ 3 /2015

The Dedicated Rocker Society Top 40 
Week ending 10/ 3 /2015

The Dedicated Rocker Society

40. Leave This Town by Thin Lizzy
39. Open My Eyes by Rival Sons
38. Blue Monday, Blue Day by Foreigner
37. Dust And Glass by Motorhead
36. Already Gone by Romeo's Daughter
35. Fly Away by Jaded Heart
34. Hangar 18 by Megadeth
33. One Love by W.E.T.
32. Daisy Chain by Pop Evil
31. Love Hurts by Nazareth
30. Now I'm Here by  Queen
29. School Of Hard Knocks by Black N' Blue
28. Low Road by Palace Of The King
27. Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya by New England
26. Cirice by Ghost
25. Is It Just Me? by The Darkness
24. Sweet Bullet by Powerhog
23. Captain Love by Winery Dogs
22. Medicine Man by Shadowman
21. Dog Eat Dog by AC/DC
20. Silver City by The Jokers
19. True Will by Band Of Spice
18. A Farewell To King's by Rush
17. Star Born by Spiritual Beggars
16. Condition Human by Queensryche
15. Wake Me Up by Eclipse
14. Edison's Medicine by Tesla
13. Shot Of Love by King's X
12. Sanctuary by Lynch Mob
11. Tiger By The Tail by Ozone
10. Break Your Chains by Talisman
9. Waterfall by Voodoo Hill
8. Mr. Heartache by Cats In Space
7. Until I Left You by by Joel Hoekstra's 13 
6. The Red and The Black by Iron Maiden
5. Ride Like The Wind by Jorn
4. The Last Runaway by W.A.S.P.
3. I Don't Wanna Wait All Night by House Of Lords
2. Obey The Snake by House Of Broken Promises
1. Down The Hatch by 42 Decibel

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