Friday, September 2, 2016

CD REVIEW: BIG RED by Maverick

BIG RED by Maverick
(Metropolis Records)

When Irish rockers Maverick released their debut 'Quid Pro Quo' two years ago, I thought the band put out one strong album. So, When their sophomore effort, 'Big Red' came onto my radar, I was eager to see if they debut effort was just flash in the pan or did the lads come through and put out another powerhouse album? For me, it's the latter, No question.  The band is comprised of, David Balfour (vocals), Ryan Balfour (guitar), Terry McHugh (guitar), Richie Diver (bass) and Mike Ross (drums). This band rocks, plain and simple! All the obvious influences are present - the Crüe, Skid Row, AC-DC - but with a fresh modern twist. They're the band that tears down the local club with balls to the wall songs about drinking and debauchery. Song titles like "All For One", "Free" and "Mademoiselle" and "Forever" tell you exactly what to expect from this powder keg of an album. Other tracks guaranteed to get your rocks off are, "Whiskey Lover", "Beyond The Gates" and the lead off single, "Asylum" featuring, Jakob Samuel, lead singer of THE POODLES and the former ALICE COOPER guitarist Kane Roberts. The whole album is just killer. Musically, the band is tight.  Dishing out one rocker after another that is in your face with plenty of melodies and hooks to have you shamelessly nodding your head to. The vocals of  David Balfour are solid, it's the old story of the difference between a great singer and a great frontman. On the evidence of this release he is probably in the latter category. You wouldn't know it from the inane stuff that gets played on mainstream rock radio, but this is a great time to be a rock n' roll fan.  Not a lot of good hard rock comes out nowadays, so you have to appreciate it when you find it. Maverick do it right and with, 'Big Red' , and their debut outing, 'Quid Pro Quo'  Maverick should be set for the coming decade. Cheer guy! Great job!
- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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