Monday, September 12, 2016


SHUT IT DOWN by Killit
(Killit Music)

UK based rockers Killit break onto the music scene with their powerful debut release, 'Shut It Down'. Gaz Twist (vocals), Niro Knox (guitar),Byron Marr (guitar), Geos Letona (bass) and. Pete Jean (drums). Their debut was self produced and mixed by Phil Kinnam (Tank, New Device, In Search Of The Sun) and mastered by Ade Emsley of Table Of Tone Mastering (Iron Maiden, Uberkill). Although Killit may be new on the scene and nothing substitutes for experience, this band is truly amazing, as is this album. 'Shut It Down' brings back the old kick-ass style of hard d rock from the 80's.  The album kicks off with a bang with the title track that just goes for the throat. The next two tracks, "Save My Name" and "Calm Before The Storm", keeps the pace at a rocking pace. Other highlights, "Take The Power", "I Ain't Playing Your Game" and the laid back swagger of "Draw The Line" are sure satisfy your rock and roll sweet tooth. These lads have  all the components for a great rock and roll does this album. I mean, if you like Skid Row, Wildside, any good classic hard rock, this band is a calling for you. Killit are the complete rock package. Overall, 'Shut It Down' is a really powerful, in your face, straight-forward, good-time rock album that has a classic rock feel, with a slightly updated edge. I hope that these guys stay stick around for a while and give us more of their great music, but also that they are an influence on the music industry in general so that we see more great bands like them in the future.
- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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