Thursday, September 22, 2016


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For me, Kansas was America's answer to the Prog Rock movement in the UK in the 70's with bands like, Genesis, E.L.P. and The Moody Blues. A progressive rock band with mystical and patriotic tendencies. A band with a hybrid of musical styles if you will. Kansas mixes the genres of hard rock with blues, classical, jazz, country and more. This can be heard throughout their previous classic outings, which brings us to 2016 and the band's latest release, ' The Prelude Implicit'. The band's current line up is made up of, Ronnie Platt - Vocals and Keyboard, Zak Rizvi - Guitar, Richard Williams - Lead Guitar, Billy Greer - Bass and Vocals, David Manion Keyboards, David Ragsdale - Violin and Guitar and Phil Ehart - Drums. I have to say, of all the releases this year this is one that I was looking forward to hearing. So, was I blown away or was I let down? Before I give you my answer. I will say, this is a solidly crafted progressive rock album that happens to be very catchy, while containing an amalgamation of musical styles while still managing to save room for extended instrumental jams. Highlights include, "With This Heart",  the moving "Visibility Zero", "Rhythm In The Spirt", a mystical and dramatic progressive hard rock song at it's finest. The haunting, "Refugee" and the rocking "Camouflage". Overall, a memorable listening experience indeed. Kansas is arguably, in my opinion, is one of the most accessible progressive rock band ever. There is nothing that misses on, 'The Prelude Implicit'.  If you want melodic, dramatic and mystical music, armed with diversity and touches of ambiguity and accessibility, check this album out. Oh, my answer? I was definitely blown a way! 
- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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