Wednesday, September 28, 2016


END GAME by Naked
(Escape Music)

If your a fan of melodic rock music then the brilliant debut release, 'The End Game' by Swedish based melodic rock band Naked will definitely not disappoint.  The melodies are infectious and above all original. Blending strong songs, great melodic vocals and musicianship that is on point. The band is comprised of, Peter Sundvall on vocals, Mats Stattin on rhythm guitar, Tony Borg (x-Alien) on lead guitar, Conny Payne (x-Madison) on bass, Mikael Wikman on drums and Mats Hedén (x-Weeping Willow) on keyboards. The opening trio of tracks, 'Silverthorn", "Aim For The Heart", and "Blood Of My Blood kick off the album in impressive style great melodic movers with Peter Sundvall's  powerful vocals lifting the songs to another level with amazing guitar work courtesy of Mats Stattin and Tony Borg.  "Victoria Avenue" is another winner along with "Destination Unknown". Overall,  If you are even remotely a fan of Melodic AOR Rock, this album is a must hear. The songs are polished gem, without a single moment of filler or a misplaced note. The songwriting, vocals, musicianship, arrangements and production are on point. Each time I listen to it (and that is a lot), I discover a new favorite song. 'The End Game'  by Naked is essential listening and highly recommended to fans of intense melodic rock. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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