Monday, September 19, 2016


SCALING UP by Kee Marcello
(Frontier Records)

Former Europe guitarist, Kee Marcello returns with his latest release, 'Scaling Up' in my opinion his best album to date. Backing him up on this amazing release are, Ken Sandin on bass and Darby Todd on drums. Along with special guests, Mattias Eklundh , guitar on “Good Men Gone Bad” and Michele Luppi – keyboards on “Wild Child”. The sound of the album is very much in a classic rock with a modern vibe with lots of excellent guitar work and solid vocals from Marcello. The sound is huge and is produced quite well. Highlights include the rocking opener "Black Hole Star", the brilliant groove of "On The Radio" that cracks into a massive chorus hook, the Def Leppard-ish vibe of,  "Don't Miss You Much". Other highlights include, the haunting, "Finger On The Trigger", "Soldier Down" and the powerful, "Don't Know How To Love No More". I've always been a huge fan of Kee Marcello's work and 'Scaling Up' is definitely one of his best and doesn't disappoint. It's the complete package from vocals to musicianship, every song has enough hooks and punch to sooth every palate in the rock world. The bottom line here is that with 'Scaling Up' Kee Marcello has put out a high quality  rock album that is recommended to all fans of this style of music and will certainly rank as one of the best melodic rock albums this year.  - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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