Wednesday, September 7, 2016


UNBREAKABLE by Split Nixon
(Independent Release)

Kentucky based rockers Spilt Nixon are back with their latest release, 'Unbreakable'  an impressive rock album full of powerful, but very catchy rock songs with southern accents. Split Nixon is comprised of, Jason Mays on vocals and guitar, Bill Dean on lead guitar, Jamie Hall on bass and Scotty Ross on drums. Melody and power are not always something that are captured together on rock albums but Split Nixon have managed it on this to great effect. Each song has its own sound and the pace keeps up with the powerful and energetic sound and theres the voice too match it. You are launched into this wonderful world with the rocking opening title track and the album just does not let up, delivering one rocking song after another. In the form of, "Truckin'", "Backseat Friday Night", "Hotrod Covergirl", "Suffer" and "Dead Inside".'Unbreakable", overall, is a solid listen. It's a good album to take with you on a long drive, as just about every song has something memorable going for it. Split Nixon definitely deserve the recognition that lesser groups have gained, as they seem quite accomplished in both musicianship and songwriting.  It's hard these days to find good rock that is real, and that you can jam to. This album shows that bands are very much alive in the rock music genre, including Split Nixon. The combination of pace, power and enjoyment in a studio album is rare - extremely impressive!!
- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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