Monday, June 19, 2017


CALIFORNIA by Riverdogs
(Frontier Records)

Six years after their last studio album, 'World Gone Mad', Riverdogs are back with their fifth release, “California”.  Musically it takes its lead from classic, Riverdogs delivering that blues based rock sound that first put them on the map. Rob Lamothe on vocals and guitar, Vivian Campbell on guitars and vocals, Nick Brophy on bass and vocals and Marc Danzeisen on drums and vocals. Where many bands falter, Riverdogs shines. This latest outing  is every bit as good as their debut, with great rockers like "American Dream", "The Revolution Starts Tonight" , "Searching For A Signal", "You're Too Rock N Roll" and "I Don't Know Anything". There is no denying the amazing talent which exists within this group as these gentlemen know exactly how to deeply touch someone through the art of music. The combination of Rob Lamothe soulful vocals with incredible musicianship and top-notch arranging and what do you have? An amazing musical experience with each listen. Hopefully, 'California' will  finally see the guys getting the recognition they deserve as one of the best rock bands put together. Overall, this album is fresh sounding, the band sound like they enjoyed themselves as they play the songs. Its good to hear the band still sounding hungry, simultaneously echoing their past yet with something new to say.  I really can't recommend this album enough.
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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