Tuesday, June 6, 2017


MAGIC VALLEY by Goodbye June
(Interscope Music)
Nashville based rock trio, Goodbye June come on to the scene with their very impressive debut, 'Magic Valley'. The band is composed of cousins Landon Milbourn (lead vocals), Brandon Qualkenbush (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), and Tyler Baker (lead guitar). This trio's debut is soaked in a nostalgic sound that evokes comparisons to The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. From the opening riff of "Bamboozler", you are placed on familiar but fresh musical ground. Landon Milbourn is a cross between Chris Robinson and Robert Plant. His vocal phrasing and whisky blues soulful vocals are what pushes these songs over the top with power and ferocity that stuns you upon first listen.  The guitar interplay between Brandon Qualkenbush and Tyler Baker are on point laced with tasty riffs which the songs revolve around heavily colored with fuzz pedals and wah wah effects.  There is a freshness and spark to the songs that give them a magical type quality when the music is coming out of your speakers. My favorites are, "Oh No", "Daisy", "Good Side", "Riding", and fuel injected, "Liberty Son", a rocker of a song that will  have you either singing or tapping to it before it's over.  If anyone thinks there are no truly great rock bands coming out anymore, you are wrong! Goodbye June do their own thing while still reminding you what their influences are. A throwback sound that brings blues rock with that southern swagger all together and tied up in a nice bow. If you like classic rock bands and retro sounding bands like Palace Of The King and The Temperance Movement you are going to really dig what Goodbye June bring to the table
   Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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