Thursday, June 29, 2017


SMOKE ON THIS... by Rex Brown
(eOne Music)

'The debut release from Rex Brown (Pantera/Down/Kill Devil Hill), 'Smoke On This...', should have a warning sticker on it that reads, "Caution: Intense Riffiage Inside!" I knew just by looking at the cover that Rex Brown was going kick my ass! What a powerhouse of a album that goes for the throat from start and doesn't loosen it's chokehold on your senses until the last song. Rex Brown, shows his musical versatility by tracking the lead vocals, rhythm guitars, and bass, working with his primary collaborator and old friend, Lance Harvill, a Nashville-based guitarist and songwriter, on the album’s songs. The drums were tracked by Christopher Williams, himself no stranger to diverse tastes. His talent has been utilized by the likes of the reformed Blackfoot and most recently, Heavy Metal legends Accept. All 11 tracks are supercharged packed with tons of swagger and attitude. Highlights include, "Lone Rider", "Crossing Lines", Train Song, "What Comes Around..." and "Best Of Me". Great production , bad ass guitar riffs with an a monster rhythm section. 'Smoke On This...' by Rex Brown is the reason why volume nobs that go past "11" on tower of Marshall stacks were made. Trust me when I say, you can't play this album loud enough! A monster of a debut outing and one the best hard rock album you will experience this year. 
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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