Friday, June 30, 2017


HORIZON by Owl Company
(Independent Release)

'From the first cut to the last cut the Brazilian based rock outfit known as  Owl Company weave an musical intensity that bombard your senses. That is what you can expect your senses to be exposed to once you listen to their debut  release, 'Horizon'. This album practically leaps out and throws you against the wall with the intro that explodes into "Celebrate And Kneel" with Enrico Minelli's go for the throat vocals, Felipe Ruiz's monster riffs and the rock solid foundation of the air tight rhythm section of bassist Fabio Yamamoto and drummer Thiago Biasoli. Other track highlights are, "Play With Fire", "Riddles", "Black N' Blue" and the album closer, "Underdog".  This album has a driving feel that really doesn't let up until the last song. The Owl Company are the type of band that I'd play for friends who never heard them, and they immediately become converts afterwards, wondering to themselves why they hadn't heard of them before.  'Horizon' is a monsters of head banging hard rock album that is packed witb memorable hooks and enough power to cause blackouts in medium size cities. It's balls to the walls, with thunderous riffs, and an overall FU attitude like Rock should be played. ​The Owl Company deliver the goods on this debut outing. They light the package on fire and kick down your front door to give you a good hard rock ass kicking!
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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