Monday, June 26, 2017


SHAKE THE CAGE by Freddie Nelson
(Malagnum Clou Music)

The highly anticipated debut release by Pittsburgh based guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Freddie Nelson comes to us in the form of, 'Shake The Cage'.  All of the writing and producing was done by Nelson as well as handling all vocals and playing all the instruments, with the exception of Thomas Lang on drums. My God, this is a great debut album! Talk about making a lasting impression. It's like discovering a long-lost Queen or Cheap Trick album. Powered by eleven tracks laced by Freddie's four octave vocal range and energetic guitar playing. This album rocks and rolls with a grandiose arena-rock vibe. The songs are refreshingly structured and predictable in a way that is wholeheartedly gratifying. Right off the bat we get attitude with, "Turn You On", a tongue and cheek rocker that opens the album and draws you in and doesn't let go setting the table for the rock and roll extravaganza that await your senses.  "Hey Doll", "Light", "Never Fight Alone", "Keep Running" along with "The Show" and the acoustic based, "Monster In My Room" until the album closing, "For Those Who Die". If this album doesn't grab you right away (which it very well might ) give it some time, and I guarantee you'll be rocking and rolling in no time. 'Shake The Cage' is a unapologetically rock and roll album and a hell of a lot of fun. If you have no trouble walking away from this album, let me know, and I'll try to find some help for you. It's just brilliant. Simple as that.
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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  1. Can't wait to get the CD! Ordered about a month ago when I heard Hey Doll and waiting to listen to! I love this type of music!