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Morgan Zocek of SIDEBURN
Talks  About Band's latest release
Interview by Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Sideburn is a band from Sweden that has gained a solid reputation in the classic rock genre, mixing retro Hard Rock, Doom Metal and a dose of Blues with today’s classic rock sound, appealing to both friends of ZEPPELIN, SABBATH, early SCORPIONS as well as new bands like ALTER BRIDGE.

They have recently released their 5th album, 'Evil Or Divine' on Metalville Records. Too many times bands simply re-hash repetitive riffing, but on this monster of an album.  Sideburn are comprised of,  Dimitri Keiski (vocals, guitar), Morgan Zocek (guitar), Martin Karlsson (bass, organ), and Fredrik Haake (drums).

Sideburn's guitarist, Morgan Zocek shared his thoughts about their new album and more with The Dedicated Rocker Society.

DRS: 'EVIL OR DIVINE' your fifth studio release. Are you satisfied with how it turned out? How long did it take to record?

Morgan:  It feels AWESOME to have the "physical" product in your hand, after writing songs for like 2 years, then recording/mixing for about 6 months.... Just great to see all of the fantastic reviews now that we get from all over the world, we feel proud!

DRS: In regards to the title of the new album. Was it a reference from Ronnie James Dio's song, "Last In Line"?

Morgan:  We are really big Dio fans, and I watched a live DVD with Dio (the band) that had the same name, but i thought that no "official" album that I could think of had that title, and it's a really powerful and epic title so we went for it, and I had also that Spanish statue (the one on the front cover) in mind, and the title and statue was just made for each other. It's also a tip of the hat for R.J.Dio who we all love and miss, in some kind of way we want to honour him and keep his legacy alive.

DRS: How would you describe the sound of the new album?

Morgan: It´s classic hardrock with doom and some blues and progressive influences, we also want the record to sound "up to date" so it has a MASSIVE sound/production

DRS: Would it be safe to say that you guys are going to be busy touring in support of, 'Evil Or Divine"? Will you be touring Europe mostly? Are there plans of coming to America for show shows?

Morgan: We have had a short break from the band after the summer, but really soon we will begin to rehearse and book alot of shows again. We would love to play in the US, but it´s a financial question. But when the right opportunity/offer comes, we will be there in a second!

DRS: For those people reading about you guys for the first time, how would describe your band and why they  should check you guys out?

Morgan: If you are a fan of classic hardrock in the vein of Dio/T.Martin era of B.Sabbath/Scorpions/Rainbow/Candlemass and miss that sound in todays music,  Check out SIDEBURN and our new album "Evil or Divine"I think we have taken that sound to a new level, with our own twist on it, and updated it for the new century.

DRS: Any messages you'd like to past along to your fans?

Morgan: Hope to see you on the road someday somewhere.. and thanks for the support. Stay safe!

Photos by: birgitta Nylén/Jonte Strömberg/Jimmie Soini

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