Monday, September 14, 2015


TOO MANY GODS by Cats In Space
(Harmony Factory/Cargo Records)

'Too Many Gods' the debut release by Cats In Space  is just catchy-as-hell, the perfect combination of power pop and rock, with plently of guitars and gorgeous melodies.  Cats In Space is comprised of, Paul Manzi on lead vocals, Great Hart on guitars/vocals, Dean Howard on guitars, Jeff Brown on bass/vocals, Steevi Bacon on drums and Andy Stewart on piano/synthesizers. What these gents have created is a album that is just infectious. Right from the start with "Arrival", you are immediately transported back to a 70's AM radio headtrip as it segues into a E.L.O. meets New England vibe of, "Too Many Gods". The next two tracks, "Stop" and "Last Man Standing" are two power gems that give off a Queen vibe. From there on with, "Mr. Heartache", "Schoolyard Fantasy", "Only In Vegas" and my personal favorite, "Man On The Moon", it's pure power pop infused rock at it's finest. The influences are many, and instantly the vocal harmonies bring Queen meets 10CC to mind. That description would be selling Cats In Space short, because the pure pop craft rivals the best and brightest in that category. Queen, 10CC , and in parts Jellyfish rush to mind. What stands out for me is how they own these influences. I think really anyone would like this, but it's especially a must for anyone who likes power pop/rock music. The production is vintage, fat analog richness. The drum kit sounds absolutely massive and the entire mix is peppered brilliantly  with nearly every instrument you can think of. Your ear is always picking up some new element with every listen. 'Too Many Gods' is that rare album that music lovers (particularly today) always hope to find.  It's a near perfect example of what is as hard to dig for as truffles in music today. This album front to back is a artfully crafted power pop/rock album in the vein of albums that began those sorts of descriptions.Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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