Friday, September 11, 2015


ROLLING IN TOWN by 42 Decibel
(SPV Steamhammer)

Hailing from Argentina, 42 Decibel would be best described as a cross between early AC/DC and the harder edge of Rose Tattoo's  best stuff. The band's sophomore release,  'Rolling In Town', is a solid collection of hard rock tunes that are dripping with raunchy attitude and raw rock'n'roll. The band is comprised of Junior Figueroa (Vocals, Guitar), Nicko Cambiasso (Drums), Billy Bob Riley (Rhythm & Slide Guitar) and Matt Fraga (Bass). For the most part the album is made up of bluesy rock anthems that will have you tapping your toe if not pumping your fist in the air. The songs are great and the whole album rocks. From the opening stick of rock and roll dynamite, "Can't Keep Control", these gents are set on making sure your listening experience is a memorable one. As they proceed to serve up the rock with, "Short Fused", the ballys, "Rude And Fast", "Down The Hatch" and the laid back bluesy swagger of the album closing, "Smooth  Talker". 42 Decibel seriously rocks without taking themselves seriously. Humor is in their veins and they know they aren't breaking any new ground, They are just crushing old ground under their heels, grinding it up, mixing it with Tequila and puring it into a marshall stack. No processed guitars, no guitar acrobatics, just straight up 3 chord songs with amps cranked to 11. Hooky choruses, chunky riffs, and angus inspired solos. If you like no frills, straight ahead, down and dirty rock n' roll, 'Rolling In Town" by 42 Decibel is definitely worth checking out. Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society


  1. Excellent review thank you. This new music has it all. Blues, rock, southern rock, Aussie rock. It ROCKS!!!!!!

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