Friday, September 4, 2015

CD REVIEW: 4OUR BXY 4OUR by The Backyard Babies

4OUR BXY 4OUR by The Backyard Babies
(Gain Music)

Those rockers from Sweden are back! The Backyard Babies return with their latest release after a five-­year hiatus with,
, '4our BXY 4our'. Nicke Borg – lead vocals / guitar Dregen – lead guitar / vocals Johan Blomquist – bass Peder Carlsson – drums. Formed in 1989, and with half a dozen studio albums to their name, the line-­up of the band has never changed, and neither has the collective desire to claim a key and colourful chapter in the annals of rock 'n' roll. For those of you not clued in, The Backyard Babies dish out melodic, sleazy hard rock with a punk edge in the vein of Appetite era G'n'R. While a few of the songs aren't quite as immediate, '4our BXY4our', is the kind of recording that will grow on you. I found that a few spins of the whole thing while working out had me rapidly grooving to it all. There really isn't a weak track on it, although honourable mention must go to,  "Th1rt3en Or Nothing", " I'm On My Way To Save YOU Rock N' Roll" and "Bloody Tears", a fine blast of Babies punk 'n' roll. To sum it all up, if America's tattered and fast-fading rock & roll soul has any chance of salvation, this may well be one of its last chances -- grab it! An amazing introduction into the world of the last great rock band to emerge since Guns N' Roses. Backyard Babies produce consistently great albums and are a top live band. Long may they continue. - Highly Recommended
 Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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