Friday, September 11, 2015


HURRICANE by The Jokers
(SPV Steamhammer)

U.K. rockers, The Jokers return with their third release, 'Hurricane'. Grooving away in a fine, retro blues and boogie rock style, The Jokers have banged out an absolutely fantastic slab of rock and roll. Mixing up bands like Aerosmith and AC/DC. A terrific ride of an album that shows, in complete contrast to the depressing wailings of the trendy indie set, just how joyful and exuberent music can and should be, and how tremendous it can make you feel. There is something for everyone here. Highlights for me are "Run 4 Cover", the groove laden title track, the Free meets Bad Company vibe of, "She's On Fire", "Lockdown" and "Everywhere I Go". The Jokers songwriting has improved and there's a touch more variety in their work. This is what I like about this album. The band are showing that they've improved. That they've all developed musically and the songs all have their own character. At this rate of progression their next two albums could be absolutely stunning. Until then, enjoy, 'Hurricane' in all its glory, for this is as good a rock album as 2015 will see. I'm sure of it. - Highly Recommended

Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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