Friday, September 11, 2015

The Dedicated Rocker Society Top 40 Week ending 9/11/2015

The Dedicated Rocker Society Top 40 
Week ending 9/11/2015

Week ending 9/11/2015

40. Whiskey by Outlaws & Moonshine
39.  Gone To Stay by Gus G.
38. Deal With The Devil by Palace Of The King
37.  Lady Jade by The Night Flight Orchestra
36.  Just Like That by Dregen
35.  Rosalie by Thin Lizzy
34.  Space Station #5 by Montrose
33.  All Right Now by Taddy Porter
32.  Live Another Day by Spiralarms
31.  Broken Heroes by Saxon
30.  Three Pretenders by Kansas
29.  Slow Up, Get Down by The Burning Crows
28.  Mysterious Way by Kill Devil Hill 
27.   She's Evil But She's Mine by Lynch Mob
26.   Can't Keep Control by 42 Decibel
25.   Death Or Glory by Iron Maiden
24.  Perfect Life by Four Star Revival
23.  Out Of The City by Audrey Horne
22.  Electric Man by Rival Sons
21.  Pretender by King James
20.  Electric Halo by Kyng
19.  Goodbye by Skintrade
18.  Nickels & Dimes by Cooper-Shea
17.  That's Just The Way That It Is by Uriah Heep
16.  Baptized In The Rio Grande by Sons Of Texas
15.  God Blessed Video by Alcatrazz
14.  She's On Fire by The Jokers
13.  Out In The Cold by Judas Priest
12.  Pale Blue Eyes by Kadavar
11.  The Wall Of Sound by Small Jackets
10.  Glory Ride by Black Sabbath
9.   All My People by Devil City Angels
8.  Blood Of Enemies by Eclipse
7.   All That Remains by Voodoo Hill
6.  Backstabber by Virgil & The Accelerators
5.  Psychosane by The Adrenaline Mob
4.  Love To Love by UFO
3.  Tug Of War by Enchant
2.  Firedance by Gotthard
1.  Long Live Rock 'N' Roll by Rainbow

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