Friday, September 11, 2015


WATERFALL by Voodoo Hill
(Frontier Records)

Guitarist Dario Mollo and legendary former Deep Purple singer / bass player Glenn Hughes,  are back with Voodoo Hill's highly anticipated third release, 'Waterfall'. The evolution of the Glenn Hughes and Dario Mollo combo really works. The roaring but melodic guitar links and riffs that accompany and enhance the "Voice Of Rock's" tones. There is a distinct 70's classic rock feel to the album, which is no bad thing in my eyes. I say, if the formula still works don't fix it. That being said,  'Waterfall' kicks off with vintage classic rocker will " All That Remains" a tour de force mover that touches on just about every rock genre you can think of. "The Well" is a gut crunching rock guitar riff that doesn't let up for a single minute. The album flows with non-stop classic riffs and superb musicianship. Stand out tracks include the Zepplinesque "Karma Go", the guitar driven soul mover, "Evil Thing", "Eldorado" and the album closer, "Last Door". Dario Mollo's guitar playing is impeccable throughout, however, the shining star of the album is Glenn Hughes. He sings in leaps and bounds, displays real emotional gusto and makes you believe that rock and roll will live forever.  The bottom line, Voodoo Hill have delivered a very enjoyable slab of driving classic rock music.  A strong musical force to be genuinely appreciated. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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