Monday, September 7, 2015

The Dedicated Rocker Society Top 40 Week ending 9/4/2015

The Dedicated Rocker Society Top 40 
Week ending 9/4/2015

40. Heaven's On Fire by Kiss
39. Ace Of Spades by Motorhead 
38. That's What Girls Are For by Steel Panther
37.  New York Broken Toy by Nazareth
36.  Modern Day Cowboy by Tesla
35.  Is It Just Me? by The Darkness 
34.  One Of These Days by Stage Dolls
33.  What Do You Do For Money by AC/DC
32.  You're Mine by Little Caesar
31.  Automatic Fix by Lynch Mob
30.  Crazy Nights by Loudness
29.  Lost In Losing You by Imperial State Electric
28.  Bring Down The City by Massive
27.   Love Bites by Judas Priest
26.   Life's A Bitch by Hardline
25.   Third Longstreet Groove by Bohemian Lifestyle
24.  Shinin' On by Grand Funk Railroad
23.  Welcome To The Real World by Gun
22.  Panama by Van Halen
21.  Elevate by The Winery Dogs
20.  I Am The Fire (Feat. Devour The Day) by Gus G.
19.  Prisoner by King's X
18.  Train Kept  A Rollin' by Aerosmith
17.  Rusty Cage by Soundgarden
16.  Back At The Backwoods by Crobot
15.  Night Songs by Cinderella
14.  Take Me To The Other Side by House Of Spirits
13.  Speed Of Light by Iron Maiden
12.  Th1rt3en & Nothing by Backyard Babies
11.  Running With The Dogs by The Treatment
10.  Got No Shame by Brother Cane
9.    It's Just My Life (Feat. John Corabi) by Bruce Kulick
8.  Billy by Blue Murder
7.   Stone Cold N' Crazy by Burning Rain
6.  Monkey Business by Starz
5.  Stand Up And Shout by Dio
4.  Out In The Fields by Gary Moore and Phil Lynott
3.  The House Is Rockin' by The Electric Boys
2.  Undertow by Mr. Big
1.  Open Letter (To A Landlord) by Living Colour

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