Sunday, June 1, 2014


MAGIC MOUNTAIN by Black Stone Cherry
(Roadrunner Records)

Kentucky bred Blackstone Cherry are back with their latest outing, 'Magic Mountain', the band's fourth. Chris Robertson- Lead Vocals, Lead Rhythm & Slide Guitars, Ben Wells- Rhythm, Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals, Jon Lawhon- Lead, Rhythm Bass & Backing Vocals and John Fred Young- Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals. These boys continues to deliver some of the best rock music of this century, but for some reason they still remain relatively unknown to the masses. So answer me this? Why can't an American rock band as good as Blackstone Cherry break it big in their own backyard? Blackstone Cherry release number 1 albums in the UK. It just blows me away sometimes. Hopefully with 'Magic Mountain' things will start to pick for the band here in States. All in all the album is solid from start to finish. It may not have the tour de force power of their self titled debut, but still it's rock solid. Highlights for me are, "Holding On..To Letting Go", "Peace Pipe", "Me And Mary Jane", the title track, "Dance Girl", and "Hollywood In Kentucky". 'Magic Mountain' blends in different styles from bluesy to southern rock to soaring guitar. It is tailor-made for blasting to a packed arena. Blackstone Cherry got the skills. And better yet, they got the FEEL!  I have loads of respect for this band as they are one of very few rock bands that can still carry the torch for "real rock music". This is not over produced trash. They all can play their instruments and they play them very well, and they play them with feeling, something most bands these days lack. 'Magic Mountain' is another strong rock album from Blackstone Cherry. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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