Sunday, June 1, 2014


ROCK AIN'T DEAD by Stone Machine
(Grooveyard Records)

Stone Machine return with their third release, 'Rock Ain't Dead'. Jason Mays on vocals , Dirk Blevins on lead guitar, Matt Parkins on guitar, John Hall on bass and backing vocals and Jeremy Hall on drums. The band's new album is a excellent example of pure heartfelt unadulterated quality classic rock for the 21st Century. For it's style the musicmanship and singing is top notch although some songs are stronger than others overall I think it's great. Dirk Blevins in my view is one of the most overlooked guitarists in America. Jason Mays' vocals are once again soulful and powerful and the rhythm section of John Hall and Jeremy Hall are tight as a glove. Kudos go out to Matt Parkinson on a solid job with his trusted six string. But its Dirk Blevins' guitar that once again is the driving force behind the songwriting and music. His guitar work is as innovative as the song content for the band. When listening to this album one can almost see Dirk Bevins sitting in his basement with a collection of Free, Stones, and maybe Mountain records, Les Paul in hand, picking up the needle again and again to try and learn that essential lick to create his six string mojo. The guitar playing alone makes, 'Rock Ain't Dead' worth owning. The songs on 'Rock Ain't Dead' have that explosive, sometimes funky, all the time soulful, southern feel to them. As the band serve up songs like "Rock 'N' Roll Star", the down a dirty bluesy swagger of , "Southern Outlaw" to all out rockers like "Sad To Say", the title track, and "Sky Is Gonna Cry" has that ZZ Top meets Whitesnake vibe to it. Stone Machine sound great even when they down shift as they prove on "Mr. Blues", a track that I'm sure fans of Paul Rodgers are going to love. Then there is "Lady Luck" a slow bluesy number that goes down smooth like a shot of your favorite whiskey. My advice, listen to this album with headphones and you'll hear just how good these guys are and how their music comes from their hearts and souls. Thank you Stone Machine your music makes my world a better place. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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