Sunday, June 1, 2014


THE RASKINS by The Raskins
(Miral Records)

New York born and raised, The Raskins, Logan and Roger Raskin release their self titled debut which is an antidote to the whiny alternative rock and the dreary modern rock bands you hear on the radio. They play the kind of rock made popular by The Beatles, Cheap Trick and The Sweet. You know, when rock n' roll was fun? The Raskins manage to combine a driving rock beat with a lyrically driven melody that together produce some truly entertaining and compelling music. Their songs completely rock, they're balanced by great melodies and some insanely catchy guitar hooks and sing-along choruses with songs like, "We Had It All", the driving beat of, "Need Another Hero", and "Lost In The Dark" are certain to get your rock and roll endorphins to go into overdrive! Then there are the all out power pop rockers like, "Scream Out Loud" and the infectious "On The Radio". All the songs on the album are great! Seriously, not a bad song in the bunch !! The Raskins do what a rock and roll band is supposed to do, entertain you. They'll will get the girls dancing, the guys rocking, and everyone reaching for another drink and having a good time. The Raskins hit the nail on the head with this true rock and roller of a debut. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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